Our Services

Sales & Marketing

Sales & marketing is all about achieving the best price for your product and getting it in front of the right people. Most of the time the market wants to ‘pigeonhole’ you into specific categories and to commoditise the product so it can effectively get it at the lowest possible price. We like to look at the attributes and provenance of a product, to see how best this can be placed into the market for the premium it deserves. Our aim is always to find ways to add value to products and work with the producers to do this. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing the products name and giving it some provenance (e.g. Loch Etive Trout used to be sold as Scottish Sea grown Rainbow Trout).

Logistics Support & Organisation

Moving premium fresh seafood from producer to market can be a daunting process and a real nightmare for those not acquainted with it. We know the systems that work – and the ones that don’t. We know the network of national hauliers that makes up the international network, and most of the personalities behind that network. Sending fresh products by air can be very scary but again there are good people out there that do it every day – and we can introduce them to you.

Market Development

Do you feel that your product should really be sold in retail, but you stick to wholesale because it is easier? Fancy looking at all these up-market foodservice restaurants – but don’t know where to start? Let us have a look at both your product and capabilities and we will give you an honest answer as to whether those markets may be right for you – and if so the best way to get in and develop those markets. Alternatively you may be selling product locally and need to be pointed in the right direction as to who are the best wholesalers to deal with in various markets? All of this is market development – and something we specialise in.

Import & Export

Importing and exporting seafood can be a daunting process, but for most markets it is a fairly straightforward process so long as you know what is required. Some markets require health certificates – and some of these are specific to particular countries. Others require specific documents. Where do you get these from? How much does it cost? Do you need one in the first place? How do you pack product for export? We may not know all the answers straight away, but we do know people who do – and that is half the battle!

How do you go about contacting people in other countries about your product? Which trade shows should you consider attending? How to exhibit at a trade show? Which agencies offer help and assistance in exporting? Let us guide you through this maze.

Direct Sales

Not everybody is comfortable in direct selling – but we enjoy it. We currently work with some companies where we do most of the direct sales for them. Working with the producer we act as the sales department for them and help coordinate everything to allow them to concentrate on what they are good at – producing great fish. If you have a need for direct sales, or assistance in developing your current direct sales then get in touch.

Sales Strategy

Having an active sales strategy is vital for businesses to grow and enable them to have control over the way they develop. Unfortunately the ‘always been that way before’ philosophy is still too prevalent in our industry. Sometimes it just takes a little time to step back and ask where you are, and more importantly where do you want to be in one, three and five years time. Simple questions, but sometimes difficult to answer. Let us help you think about them and assist in developing those answers. Once you know this then we can look at the best ways to get you there.


Trading fish comes with lots of challenges, and sometimes good people need some help to face these. Maybe you have good people without too much experience, or somebody who has just lost their way a bit. We have been in these situations. You may have too many issues of your own to be able to help, but we can. Sometimes just chatting to somebody who has ‘been there’ makes a big difference. We can help to put the ship back on course, or just confirm that what they are doing is absolutely right and give them their confidence back. We are happy to come in and out as required – or just be at the end of a phone for a chat.

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